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Feb 27, 2014 4:00am EST
border, which of course is shared with ukraine and the defense minister just a few minutes ago said there are russian fighter jets involved in that. is that a show of muscle or a preplanned exercise? all of this has the united states, nato very concerned. talking about the need for yause to stay out of ukraine d not by -- do not get militarily involved in any way. the situation in crimia, mainly a russian-speaking group of people. when viktor yanukovych was in power, they were talking about the western regions. now that the opposition is in power, the concern is they could get sort of lose out if you will in this carefully -- ethnic mix within the ukraine. nteresting developments today. the regional parliament building in crimia. >> tell us what is going on in the building. we're waiting to see this new government formed. this new leader step forward. an interim government but an important one given the financial situation. >> i'll tell you exactly what's happening. i'm inside the parliament. right in front of me is the man that the opposition said they want to be prime minister. su
Mar 5, 2014 4:00am EST
numbers to run through quickly. year, last defense struck -- defense spending will increase 12.2%. investment on the physical front will increase 17.7%. late last year, the communist party said they will continue the sixth consecutive year having a proactive fiscal policy. finally, this is a blue sky day in beijing. check it out. take a look. not a single small cloud in the sky. the premier said this morning that the country is going to wage a decisive war against pollution. as someone who lives here, i welcome that war. >> let's continue the conversation about what is happening in china, the targets that he was just talking about. jonathan ferro joins us for more on this story. the headwinds to maintaining these kind of growth rates are becoming bigger and bigger. >> they are. yes, it is the same growth target, but you were coming off an increasingly eger based and it becomes difficult to hit this target. over the last year or so, officials deemphasized the headline number. a lot of were asking the question this morning. how do you hit that target continually and restructure t
Feb 26, 2014 4:00am EST
of the defense business. more importantly, the 350 numbers looked lower than anticipated. this is the new twin aisle that is going to -- the dreamliner, that looks better than anticipated. >> let's start with the a350 number. 434 comes in at around million euros. the charges relating to the development of that lane, this one is set to go head-to-head with the dreamliner. it is meant to go into service this year. the dreamliner is already in service. the other number is on restructuring. after making the commercial blaine -- plain business the focus, they are cutting jobs in the defense unit. putting those together is costing them money, weighing on profit. there was a 292 million euro charge. there was a ride range of forecast for these numbers. shrug it off to some extent, down about 0.6% right now. three .5% inh as early trading. >> thank you very much indeed. john ferro with the latest on airbus. the group finance chief is on surveillance later on. tom keene and the team will be interviewing him. let's get a related take on this. the editor in chief of monocle, something of a plane buff i w
Mar 3, 2014 5:00am EST
for the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the defense lawyers say he believed that she was a burglar. russia's a central bank raised its key rate to 7.5% from 5.5% as of 11:00 a.m. moscow time. the central bank says the rate increase is to prevent inflation risk and ensure financial stability, this according to its website. u.s. secretary of state john leaders a western responding to russia seizing control of the crimean peninsula. the ukraine said it has mobilized its army. >> it is really 19th-century behavior in the 21st-century first century and there is no way to start with, that if russia persists in this that the g-8 countries will assemble in sochi. that is a start. fromt's get the latest ukraine. where ryan chilcote is on the ground. british foreign secretary has been speaking this morning. bring us up to speed. >> i will give you the very latest. of the russian prime minister has just announced that he -- russia is establishing a company to build a bridge across the --this literally happened the last couple of minutes. pretty -- the straight connects -- effectively it will
Feb 28, 2014 4:00am EST
revenues from its countries fashionistas. hans nichols reporting. joining us is jesse. any defense? playing by the rules, that is probably the most obvious one. man of the most obvious one is that the rules permit them to allocating around the world. what they're saying is that the subsidiary in holland is responsible for licensing me brandon -- licensing the brand name to zara. the people that work there have the expertise in designing the interiors of the stores and window displays. that is a very important part of the company's profitability. >> is there anything different to what we hear about large tech companies? in many ways it is similar. they are attributing lots of profit to a tiny subsidiary that has a small number of employees. they are saying there's a lot of value that is controlled by this subsidiary. billions ofbutes dollars to a subsidiary in bermuda that controls the rights to all of its intellectual property and software patterns -- patents outside the u.s. the expertise is designing window displays and the interior stores. that raises eyebrows because how valuable can th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5